With 21 different protocols, Back on Trac provides a wide range of treatment options to aid in relief of chronic back pain and its the perfect tool to keep the patient's back in good health.

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J.T. Anderson

Inventor and Developer of Back On Trac

(936) 201-6943

“Inventions come about as a necessity to help the individual with a problem that he or she may have and with no solutions already in the market place. Back On Trac was developed with me in mind, just an individual with debilitating back pain. Back On Trac has given me my life back. Our endorsements for Back On Trac are from the Doctors using it and most importantly, the patients. We now have Back On Trac in many states across the U.S. helping thousands of patients get their life back, just as I have.” So give us a call at 855-823-8722 or email us at linda@backontrac.com to get started.

Linda Anderson


(936) 201-6923

"When JT and I started this journey with the invention and development of Back On Trac, we had no idea where or how we were to accomplish what we had in mind or even where to begin. All we knew at that very moment was that we wanted to create this piece of equipment that would help JT with his back pain. Change for most of us can be very scary, the “not knowing” what is on the other side of the change. We started our company in 2011 but the development started many years before that. It was a trying time to say the least. We went through some really unethical people in those years and a lot of money before we finally came up with our “Dream Team”.